An Inspiring Story.

I was texting a friend today, and he told me he was going to KFC. Here I am thinking he’s going there to eat and have a random adventure with a friend like usual, but it turns out he was picking up food for his family. Throughout the day he had been handing out Reese’s hearts and wishing people a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. His initial plan was to wait for his family’s food and get back home, but he saw a girl sitting by herself, looking quite unhappy. He ordered something small separately, made his way to her table, gave her a Reese’s heart and wished her a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. He ended up having dinner with a complete stranger, but I’m actually very sure he made her day. His only hope was that she goes to sleep with a smile today. 

It’s really the little things like this that make me think that the world isn’t always as bad as people say; these little things that make me sure there are “good guys” that will go to deserving girls and vise versa. The next time you have an opportunity, I urge you to take a little time out of your day in an attempt to brighten someone’s day, much like this story— I know that I will.

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  • 14 February 2011
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